Zoie Girl

Today was a big day. After breeding Dachshunds for the past four years, that era officially ended today. This past June my dear, sweet momma dog, Hope, passed away due to a sudden illness complicated by giving birth to seven puppies.

I kept the only female in the litter and named her T. Cupp's Hope Remembered but I call her Zoie. I struggled long and hard with whether to have her spayed because I love breeding dogs and I would have love to have seen Hope's line continue through Zoie. However, after losing two dogs this year, I just could not bring myself to put Zoie through the whole birthing process and take the chance that I might lose her or lose some of her offspring due to any complications. So, I felt good about my decision, but at the same time, it was bittersweet.

Darling girl is home and doing fine after her surgery but is still pretty drugged up and sleeping it off.


Corinne said...

Dear sweet Zoie. You made the right decision Tammy. Last year was so upsetting.

Love you!

WeldrBrat said...

We had our Zucker neutered from the get-go. There will never be another one like him - which only breaks my heart. I seem to take it much harder with my pets, compared to when it was me going in for the 'fix'... LOL Just watch Zoie with the pain pills. They tend to become bold when they can feel no pain at all - which can backfire! Gave 1/2 dose to Zucker after getting him home. We put the pain pills away after that. He decided to play chase with the neighbor's dog. I had to crate him for the next couple of days.

Scroungeman said...

Praying for a speedy recovery for Zoie and "mom".

Tammy Renee' Cupp said...

Thank you all for your thoughts, comments and prayers.

WeldrBrat, I took what you said to heart. I actually ended up not giving Zoie pain meds after the first 48 hours because she's already so rambunctious. I did not want her to be completely dull to the "good" pain telling her to take it easy. She's a little dare devil and I have to really watch her to keep her from jumping off the couch, etc. Thank you for the reminder to be cautious with the pain meds!