Little Davie & Edy

Edy and Little Dave are romancing in a pasture all by themselves. Edy is in standing heat today. I am not sure if Little Davie is going to be "bull" enough yet to get the job done as he is just a year old and only 34 inches tall. He is certainly giving it his best effort. I will be watching to see if Edy comes back in heat in 21 days.

I would rather not have a January calf, however, I need someone to freshen in the winter so that I have milk available all year around for my share members. Edy is the right cow to freshen in the winter as she never has a problem keeping up her body condition. She is also a great little milker. At only 42 inches tall, she gives me as much much as my standard cows on a fraction of the feed. She is averaging about four gallons a day right now.


~*~ Shar ~*~ said...

My fingers are crossed! ;)

Jessika said...

Go Edy and Davie! She is a good little cow!