Going for the Gold

.......the Ginger Gold that is.

Today's agenda included processing two bushels of Ginger Gold apples into apple sauce.

According to this web site, the Ginger Gold is Virginia's own apple.

"If the name Ginger Gold is unfamiliar, that's because it is a recent addition to the list of apple varieties. It was discovered growing among the twisted uprooted trees in a Virginia orchard in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Its ancestors are the Golden Delicious and Albermarle Pippin apples."

While I do prefer the Golden Delicious for making applesauce, the Ginger Gold makes a very tasty and beautiful sauce as well.

Although time consuming, my method for making apple sauce is very simple and uses only the most simple tools. However, a friend of our facebook page introduced me to this handy kitchen tool that I am now coveting!

For applesauce, I don't even bother taking the time to peel my apples. I core them, cook them, run them through my antique sieve, and either freeze or can the sauce. This year I found these handy freezer jars made by ball that have lids that screw on. I love them. (I found mine at Walmart for a little less.) I put twelve jars of applesauce in the freezer and the additional twelve quarts are being processed and and canned!

I don't add anything to my applesauce to sweeten it or to spice it up. Some folks do and if you are so inclined, this looks like a good recipe to try. If you have folks in your house, like I do, who don't like Cinnamon, you can always add a little cinnamon right before you eat it and then everyone is happy!

And the icing on the cake, so to speak? Nothing is wasted because the pigs will enjoy the cores and peelings!

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Deb said...

Oh boy...am I glad I don't have to use one of those things to make my apple sauce! *giggle* My grandma had one and think Mom did to, and I always hated it. Being a bit on the lazy side, I'm loving having the sauce maker my Mom bought me...it will do tomatoes and apples with the screen I have, and if I got other screens I could do other foods including berries with it. I do have a foley food mill too, but since Mom got me the other thing I haven't used it. :)

Cool that you are making apple sauce too...I did a bunch myself, and am glad thats over till next year. LOL