This & That Thursday ~ It Ain't Pretty!

The great folks on my facebook farm page have convinced me to share photos of our milking parlor.  I laugh when I call it a milking parlor because it's nothing fancy.  In fact, the reason I am writing this post is because I referred to it as "redneck" and several folks wanted to know more about it.  I tease, but the truth is, it is was a wonderful idea implemented by my dear husband and I am very thankful for my little parlor.  When we started out milking, we were milking in a run-in.  So, this has been definite progress for us.  It's also proof that you can get by on a budget!  ;-)

It all started when we got a phone call from a young man who at the time worked at a garage.  He called to tell Mike that they had towed in a truck with a box trailer with a blown engine and the owners would let it go for $500 for parts.  Mike and his dad went down to see it and came up with the idea of taking the box off the trailer and setting it up as a milking parlor, which they did.  Then, Mike turned around and sold the truck for parts (without the trailer) for $500.  So, this is my "free" milking parlor!    These photos were taken when we first set it up.  It has been well used now and instead of the roll up door, I have glass doors!  Talk about fancy!  It took a little adjustment for the cows to learn to walk through the glass doors and back out, but it also means I can shut the door when the weather is bad, keeping the wind, rain and snow from blowing in.  The glass doors were also recycled. 

 The photo below shows the inside of the trailer.  The vacuum pump sits up on a shelf.   The pump was made in the 1950's and still works well (knock-on-wood) and runs our Surge milking machine.  Mike and his dad hooked up electricity in the trailer so that we could run the Surge.  The metal stanchion came out of the old dairy barn at the other farm and is also recycled.  

The boards on the floor in this photo are for the Minis to stand on so we can get the milker under them.  The strap is part of the trailer but we use it when we have a cow that wants to wiggle.  We put it around their legs up by their  hips and tie it to the stanchion bar.  This keeps them from backing up while we are trying to milk them.  Usually after a few days, we don't have to use the strap anymore.

The wood floor is slick when wet.  We keep a bucket of sawdust handy to throw on the floor when it becomes wet.  What would be ideal is to have rubber mats for them to walk in on so that it isn't so slick when wet.  If we don't do something different about a milking parlor, I would like to paint the inside, seal the floor, but rubber mats down and put shelves up.  We keep our feed inside this trailer and inside metal garbage cans.  The cows would have to get through the gate, through the door and lift the lids off the trash cans to get to the feed.  This helps eliminate possible problems of a cow getting into the grain on accident and bloating. 

And there it is!  I told you it wasn't pretty!  ;-)


Charlotte's Web Farm said...

I really really love it Tammy....It is fabulous-you should be very proud. Its looks pretty easy to clean too. Could you find rubber belt material to use on the floor?

Well done!

Emma said...

Maybe not pretty but economical, effective, and handy! Sometimes living in the country is about getting creative and making do. Looks like a success to me!


Beautifully Veiled said...

You could so be our "best friend" over here in Georgia! This is the kind of stuff we do all the time! I LOVE your milking parlor! And although I never comment, I love your blog as well!!!
Linda in GA

WeldrBrat said...

Improvisation plays a huge portion in creativity. And when it provides a purpose in life - you reap a success holding more value than any of the most highly paid professionals on this planet!

Brains and beauty - Buffet has NOTHIN' on you, Girlie! LOL

Debbie said...

And it doesn't matter if it isn't pretty, it suits your needs. I think it was a great idea and has worked well for you all. Thank you for sharing with us.

alaskan arndts said...

We use the bed liners that manufacturers use to protect pickup beds from the plows that come with them. They are porous but give good purchase. Pee soaks right through and doesn't puddle!


~*~ Shar ~*~ said...

AWESOME! I'm hoping to find a camper trailer to turn into a milking room and also with room to keep newborn kids in for the first week. I saw one used that way and have wanted one since. When they are no longer road worthy, they still often have good wiring and kitchen plumbing which would be a big plus.

Deb said...

A Handicap shower base mounted in there would work. Cut a hole through the floor for the drain to prevent your current floor from rotting. You can place one of the porous rubber mats in that to prevent slippage and wear.

Kansas A said...

Fabulous! I think it's a matter of we use what we have and you and your husband have done a great job! I have a greenhouse for my goat milking parlor, just set it up yesterday, and grateful for not milking in the rain anymore. :)