New Babies

Or, why I have not had time to blog:

Sugar's calf, Chip  Angus/Jersey/Dutch Belted Cross

Edy's  (Riveview Rhonda) calf, Rosie.  Foundation Mini.
Liza's calf, Stormy.  3/4 Mini Jersey 1/8th Charolais and 1/8th Angus
Princess' calf, Prince Charming.  Foundation Miniature Jersey.


Deb said...

Ahhh you have been busy! 4 calves in one spring, thats wonderful!! LOL Course I realize you have way more cows than we do, but I'd be so thrilled to have that many in a year at this point!

Enjoy them, they are cute! :)

~*~ Shar ~*~ said...

NICE calves! CONGRATS! The Jersey x Angus is sure nice too!