Tuesday Review

Took this photo of Graham yesterday morning but most of our snow has melted now. 

Have decided to take a break from facebook for the Lenton Season and that means that I will strive harder to post regular updates here. 

I am trying to get my chick starting gear in order and make the necessary purchases of items I do not have so that when my peeps arrive I will be ready and not making a last minute scramble to get things together!  It has been several years since I have started chicks and I have always started them in my bathroom at first.  Since I am getting such a large number (100), I decided I better get with the program and get a place set up for them out in one of the shelters. 

We had two calves born today in the beef herd giving us a total of four for the year so far.  The tally so far is 3 heifers and one bull calf.  I am hoping for those odds in the dairy herd, but not expecting it! 

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Red Robin said...

Hi Tammy,
Congrats on your new additions, I too wish you would get those odds in your dairy herd ;). I am the one who was interested in a family milk cow and you have me the email of a girl who might be breeding. I tried emailing her and the email is not valid. Do you have any other contact info for her? Sorry to invade you here on your blog, but with your break from facebook I wasn't sure how to get in touch.

BTW good luck with your chicks, that's a lot of work you've got ahead of you.