A Week of Changes

There have been a number of changes on the farm in the past week. PJ went to Michigan with his new family. I hear he made the trip very well and is doing great in his new herd. Nellson, went from a bull to a steer. He then went to his new home in West Virginia. I hear he is doing fine as well. Getting him loaded was pretty stressful for me. With all the bovines I have dealt with, I have never had one lay down and act like he was dying, but that is exactly what Nellson did when we loaded him onto the trailer. Tomorrow, Maya will be going to a new home. She is actually going to another small herd where she will be part of a cow share program. In addition, Sugar who was part of our herd from the time she was around two months old until she was around eight months old (if I remember correctly) will be coming back to the farm. It is my intention to work with her some and see if she is going to make good family cow material. If she does, then she will be put on the market when she is confirmed bred. If I feel she is not family cow quality, then I may keep her in my herd and milk her myself.With all the changes, Little Davie (now a year old) was left without any herd mates in the back pasture. He has now graduated to the front pasture with the cows. He is a year old this month and does not quite come up to my waste. He looks so funny out in the pasture with the standard size Jersey cows. Zeke and Davie have become really good buddies now that they are together in the same pasture.

Besides all the bovine happenings, we have finally been able to get all of our potatoes in the ground. Normally, we have them in the ground by St. Patrick's day, but were not able to do so with the ground being so wet this year. We finished them up to day.

(Picture of Davie with some of the "big" girls.)

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Jessika said...

I can't believe it is so green there! That's one thing I really don't like about where we live.... the grazing season is too short. I'm moving the cows out April 15 th during the day, but we'll still be feeding hay in addition.
We've had a couple pull the dead trick while loading, it is startling isn't it!
Sounds like all went to nice homes.