Meet Emmy Lou (the goat)

Proving again how much he loves me, my husband made the four hour round trip drive to Awee Farm in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia so that I could pick up a goat in  milk.  (Remind me to never again wait so late to breed my girls!  We need goat's milk NOW!)  Mike simply does not care for goats being a cattle man.  He absolutely detests the bucks (it's the smell) but I think the does have grown on him over time.  He openly admits that goat kids are really cute and he likes to watch them play.  (Who can resist the charm of a kid?)

We originally met Sally and her husband, Jim, when we made the trip to Harper's Ferry about a year and a half ago to pick up a milking stand that we bought from them.  I was super impressed with their farm and their animals.  Awee Farm  pours a lot of love into their animals and Sally and Jim are just the kind of people with whom we enjoy associating.

When I started looking for a buck to breed my does, I was thrilled with Sally contacted me this past fall and said she had one available for sale.  We again made the trip to Harper's Ferry in early December and picked up Abraham.  (Abraham has been a wonderful buck and so incredibly easy to handle.  I have been very pleased with him.)

Naturally, when I needed a doe in milk, the first place I checked was with Sally.  Yes, she had an older doe that she would be willing to sell to me.  (The doe had kidded in December and it was time to wean those kids and get momma on the milking stand again!)  So, over the weekend we made our third trip  to Harper's Ferry and Awee Farm.

She is commonly called "Emmy Lou" but registered with MDGA as follows:

Faithful Acres Charity II
Reg. No. AMN00038
Generation 3
Tan with a white poll

(Like all my goats, she will be dual registered with TMGR as well.)

As an added bonus, while we were at Awee Farm we were able to see some of this year's babies sired by Abraham.  (They are beautiful) and even got to hold and play with some of them as well!    (Really looking forward to our kidding season in May!)

Emmy Lou has been a little stressed about her new home.  After all, she lived most of her life at Awee Farm with Jim and Sally and this is a big adjustment for her.  She is very happy to be able to see Abraham across the fence, as she obviously remembers him from the time they shared together at their former home.  She wasn't too sure about the dogs, the cows or this strange new person trying to get her on the milking stand.  Hopefully it won't take too long for her to feel comfortable and as loved here as she felt at her former home. 

Be sure to check out Awee Farm at this link!  Beautiful goats raised by wonderful people in a lovely setting!


WeldrBrat said...

Awwww... hope you spoil her for a bit, until she gains a sparkle in her eyes. She appears to be such a real sweetheart!

Deb said...

Ahhh, makes me want goats again! In another year or two we are hoping to get some...but till then guess I'll have to make do with our cows. LOL