Meet Patience!

What a weekend full of blessings! 

My 86 year old grandfather who has been quite ill and whom we have been very concerned about has shown significant improvement in the past weeks and yesterday felt well enough to go to church for the first time in quite a while.  We are so thankful for his improved health.

Yesterday, we celebrated my daughter, Alissa's 23rd birthday with a family meal at the Mill Street Grill, a local restaurant in Staunton.  (Alissa's birthday is actually on the 8th.)  It is such a joy to be able to celebrate her special day with Mike's two kids and our son-in-law, Nate.  There is always lots of laughter and good times when we are all together.

The chicks are doing well, the Princess calf is doing well, and we have had a total of 9 calves born in the beef herd now  (four bulls and six heifers so far). 

And, to top off a weekend full of blessings, I received a message from my friends Jorg and Tom at Triskelion Farm who graciously took Edy and Mayfield home with them in the fall.  Edy and Mayfield were my "Senior" girls and I just did not have the facilities to give them the comforts they needed as aging bovines.  In exchange for Edy and Mayfield, we had agreed that if Mayfield had a heifer calf, the calf would come back here to live once weaned.  Yesterday, 13 year old Mayfield gave birth without incident to a healthy, beautiful heifer that Jorg and Tom allowed me to name.

Triskelion's Paitence was sired by Cape Fear Dave and is out of Tanglewood Mayfield and will be registered as Foundation Pure with the American Miniature Jersey Association. 

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Deb said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend! :)