What A Week!

Hard to believe it has only been a week and so much has happened in such a short amount of time.  We increased our herd by three heifers during that time, I have two extra cows to milk twice a day,  and the peeps are starting to feather out and doing well (no losses this week).  My milking/chore time routine has already doubled in the time it takes to get everything finished.   I have extra milk which means I am in the milk kitchen making cheese and other dairy products to try to stay ahead and not let the extra milk become overwhelming.  Yesterday, we had to move last year's calves to the other farm because we simply don't have room for everyone up here!  We also took Tori down to the other farm until we know her fate.  (She is the cow that slipped at least one calf , has not bred back, and is dry.)  It seems kind of sad around here with seven bovines shipped off to the other farm, but it's nice to have more room for the cows that remain. 

Here are some photos from this past week:

Faith is tired after her first 24 hours!
Midnight, our big girl.  (Holstein/Angus)
We are really hoping Calico Tom and Miss Henny start mating and Henny starts laying eggs soon! 
A Princess by any other name is still a Princess.  Princess Grace has her mother's attitude.  Heaven help us. 
Princess & Princess Grace
Nutmeg and S'Mores

Feathering out and looking cute!

The cow to watch.  I predict a new baby in less than a week from Apple.

Last year's calves.

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Deb said...

Such an exciting week for you! It's nice you have another farm to move some to...so you can keep them and have plenty of fresh grass for them to eat! :)