Making Peach Ice Cream

My recipe for making homemade peach ice cream:

Start a week in advance by visiting orchards to see their peaches and ask about prices.

Two days in advance, decide on an orchard and call them to haggle about their prices.

One day in advance, spend half a day going to the orchard to purchase peaches. (Buy 12 bushels)

12 hours in advance, milk Jersey family cows, strain milk, pour into glass jars, clean milker and refrigerate milk.

30 minutes in advance, go through bushel of peaches and pick out the ripest ones.

Peel and slice peaches.

Take peelings down to chickens to eat.

Next, pour cream off top of milk that has been placed in refrigerator. Take small amount of milk and heat. Add 1 1/2 cups of sugar to warm milk and mix until disolved.

Gather ice cream maker parts that are scattered from last time you made ice cream. Find some parts in the closet in a box, other parts in the kitchen dish drainer, and find the bucket outside from the last time you dumped the ice and salt on the cracks in the drive way.

Pour warm sugar milk and cream in stainless tube of ice cream maker. Add peaches that have been slight mashed. Add a few more just for good measure. Shake a bit of salt in the mix. Pour a tad of real Madagascar Vanilla in as well. Add more milk to fill line on stainless tube. Insert paddle and add lid. Put entire contraption into bucket and put motor on top. Plug ice cream maker into electrical outlet.

Remove ice bin from freezer and place ice in machine about 1/3 of the way up the bucket. Add a cup of salt. Add more ice. Realize you are out of salt and run to the barn to get stock salt to finish the job. Finish layering ice and salt. Allow ice cream maker to run for 20 minutes or so until ice cream becomes thick and motor stops. Motor stops and it has only been five minutes. Shake ice cream freezer vigorously to dislodge ice. Ice cream freezer begins running again and continues without any more delays.

When motor stops, unplug machine, remove tube from bucket, take lid off of tube, remove paddle, and dump ice cream into containers. Place containers in freezer. Lick all ice cream off paddle. Scrape all ice cream out of tube and eat that too. Wash all washable pieces of machine and leave in dish drainer. Set bucket outside door so that you can dump the salt and ice on the cracks in the side walk..............

Now it's time to milk again. After that, there are more peaches to peel.........

(It's almost 10 pm. I think I will have a bowl of that icecream now!)


Elizabeth said...

Hey Tam,

I got your blog address from mom. I love it, and I love your account of making peach ice cream. :-)

Happy blogging! I've bookmarked your site, and will now be a faithful reader!

Gypsie Lady said...

hi mom
i love reading about the animals and you and my stepdad. it really makes me homesick. I am having a hard time tonight...i think maybe bc i have the night off for once. Lex likes the new puppy (i showed her the picture) love you

tcuppminiatures said...

Hey Beth and Alissa! So cool to hear from both of you! Love you both so much!