Mini Vacation

When you have cows to milk, and eggs to gather, and chickens to feed, and dogs to tend to, it's hard to get away for a vacation.

Since we are in a drought and did not have enough produce to keep the stand open on Saturday, Mike and I decided to take the day off and go have some fun. We did a lot of driving on some back country roads and saw some beautiful old houses established in the 1700's. We also stopped at three different orchards. We bought some yellow plums..............a first for me. These plums are the best plums I have ever eaten! Delicious! We went to several different antique stores and had dinner out. We had such a lovely time that we decided to do it again Sunday! This time we headed to Bedford, went out to eat, and went to several antique stores in the area. A year and a half, or maybe two years ago while in the Bedford area we stopped in a wonderful store where, not only were we able to find some great treasures, but we also met the friendliest and kindest people in the owner's. When we are in the area, we like to drop in to Taylor's and see what new items they have and just spend time visiting with them. The butter dish pictured is one I found at their place today. I was thrilled to find it, as I have been wanting one like it for quite a while. Ithink it is perfect for displaying my fresh butter balls!

(Note: Picture of butter dish purchased at Taylor's and latest updated picture of Male Corgi.)

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