Edy won't let me sleep!

Edy, my brindle, bovine, beauty evidently is also the world's smartest cow! We were not able to open the produce stand today. Due to the drought we just did not have the produce available to sell. So, Mike and I decided to rest and relax today. I did not set my alarm to wake me, as I thought it would not hurt the cows if I was a few minutes late milking them. I am usually clanging things in the kitchen around 6:30 am, and Edy patiently waits with a knowing look on her face while she listens to the sounds I am making that signify milking time is near. Evidently when I was not up and making noise in the kitchen at the appropriate time this morning, she decided to take matters upon herself. Normally, we sleep in our bedroom upstairs that has a window facing the barn area. There have been occasions when I was late and Edy would stand outside the window and bawl for me. However, because of the heat, we have been sleeping downstairs in a bedroom towards the front of the house. There is no way I could have heard her bawling for me to milk her from the back of the house. Being the smart cow that she is, she came around to the front of the house, climbed up the bank, stood just feet away from the front door and bawled for me to get up. The sound of her bawling was much more efficient than any alarm clock. When I got up and began my morning routine of getting the milker ready, She calmly made her away around to the back of the house and waited for me to arrive.

(Note: Picture of milking shed that Mike made for me out of a box trailer. I love it and evidently, the cows do too!)

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