New Bovine Baby!

Yesterday evening around ten, Butter gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She did not have any trouble with the birth. I noticed around seven, when I fed the cattle, that her ligaments were very loose and she looked like she was close. I anticipated a calf within 12 hours and told Mike. He kinda shrugged it off, having not looked at her himself and said "Nawh". Around nine I checked on her again and I came back and told Mike she was in labor. He said, "Nawh". Then around ten, I checked on her and came back to tell Mike that there was a calf on the ground at which time he said, "Nawh".

Mike went down with me and checked the calf who was being licked clean not only by his mother, Butter, but also by Dixie who was trying to claim him and the two heifers, Nelly and Scarlett, as well! We left them alone for a while and then put the cow/calf pair in the barn for the night. The little guy would not nurse at first, so we milked out a little colostrum and fed it to him in a bottle. After getting a taste of it and a little nourishment, Mike was able to get him to latch on to a teat and nurse. We finally got in bed around 1 a.m.

This morning Butter was a perfect lady when we milked out a bit of colostrum in the milking parlor and the calf was trying to kick up his heels this afternoon. All is well! We are pleased that mother and son are doing well!

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