Our New Angus/Holstein Heifer Calf

Our friends Sam and Charles that own a dairy (the famer's for whom Samantha and Charlie, the Holstein twins are named) called Mike Friday morning and wanted to know if we wanted another calf. We have been trying all weekend to get her, but due to our water problems were not able to pick her up until this afternoon. By the time we got her home, it was time to milk and the poor baby was hungry, so we had to get her on Dixie right away and get her something to eat. It was dark by the time the chores were finished and I wasn't able to get pictures, but I will get some and post them tomorrow.

She is spunky and loud. Her mother is a Holstein that found love with the neighbor's Angus bull. Since she was not purbred, she was not wanted at the dairy and has found a happy home here with us! A Holstein/Angus cross will make a great family cow! She is almost as tall as the older calves already, and was not afraid to push her way up to the dinner table amongst the other hungry calves. She is dairy in confirmation but almost solid black. She has a thin thread of white on one leg (you have to look hard to see it) and a little patch of white on her belly.

I have not named her yet.

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