This Week's Lessons & Lessons Re-Visited

I was thinking this morning as I was shoveling poop (a great way to meditate, by the way, for those who have not tried it) that this week has been full of lessons. Some of them are new lessons but most have been reminders. (I tend to be forgetful sometimes.) So, here's a run down of this weeks lessons, old and new:

1) Five cows, five calves, three heifers, and one bull make a lot of poop.

2) Dogs like to roll in cow poop and Sadie, especially likes to chew on the dried poop and eat the calves poop. (Gotta love a farm dog!)

3) It takes a long time to milk four cows, process the milk and clean up after milking!

4) Dogs and skunks don't mix.

5) Nothing really takes the smell of skunk off a dog.

6) Nothing really takes the smell of skunk out of your house when you have Doxies who are house dogs and the weather is too cold to leave them out side after they have been sprayed.

7) Three week old chicks eat a lot of feed and poop a lot.

8) Laying hens don't like short days, cold weather and biting wind.

9) Brownies get hard when left in the oven too long.

10) My husband will eat three fresh apple cakes in one week.

11) A single strand of electric wire does little to keep a young bull from leaving home.

12) Sciatica is a pain in the behind.

13) An good adjustment from a chiropractor is better than any medicine.

14) When you are friends, ten years of absence means nothing. One can just pick up where one left off.

15) After three years of marriage, my husband loves me very much and I love him.

16) My children and step-children are precious.

17) I am blessed beyond belief and God is good.

18) Family and friends are always there for me.

19) I miss my Josh very much.

20) I can lose more weight in the winter by shovelling poop than I do in the summer by working the garden.

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