Have you ever noticed how much cattle can act like children when they are doing something they know they are not suppose to do?

Evidently the gate between the two fields was not latched properly and when I glanced out my kitchen window, I knew instantly that things were amiss.

How could I not!

Have you ever observed a junior high school class when the teacher leaves the room? All heck breaks loose! Everyone jumps out of their desk and they are all competing for attention. Well. that's pretty much what it looked like outside my kitchen window.

Five calves were running.............wide open............excited with the adventure of being in the "forbidden field". Princess, the baby, thought the "older" calves were really cool and she just ran around trying to imitate them.

Scarlette was not amused at the bull who came up to sniff her (thank goodness she was not in heat). Sugar ran the other direction and peaked around the corner at the bull. I think she thought he was really cute, but knew she was just a little to young to show active interest in him.

Maya, Butter and Dixie looked like old school marms who can't stand to have a bunch of little kids running wild.

Edie, being wise and thinking only of her ever widening stomach, figured someone would go to the barn and get "treats" and reward the erring when they chose good behavior over bad (in other words, she knew Tammy would bribe them all with the best hay). She planted her fat butte right in the way at the gate knowing where we kept the good stuff.

And Nelly, being young and full of herself having recently most likey attained status as "bred", decided it was time to show everyone that she wished to achieve "boss cow" status. Since Mayfield was the sweetest, easiest target, she began a nice, all out girl fight.

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Corinne said...

LOL!!!..... I can almost picture them wearing bonnets and cowboy hats!

Too funny......