Memories of Shaved Heads, Black Olives & Boiled Eggs

It's funny the memories that come at the strangest times and the overwhelming grief ensued.

Shaved heads.

Fuzzy, closely shaved heads.

Josh always wore his hair short and I loved to rub his head. "Awe, Mom, do you have to rub my head?""Yes," I would reply. I HAVE to rub your fuzzy head. He would roll his eyes but smile. I would smile. I miss rubbing that fuzzy head.

Ripe Olives.

He called them "thumbs". When he was little, he would place them carefully on each finger and then eat them off, one at a time. He didn't know they were called "olives", he simply called them "thumbs". As a teenager, he would still do this trick and I would roll my eyes and he would smile.

Boiled eggs.

Josh didn't liked them deviled, but loved them boiled and whole. Every plate of eggs I made, I left a few whole in the center just for Josh. I made deviled eggs this weekend, but there was no one here to eat the whole ones.

I miss you, buddy. I miss you so much!


Corinne said...

When Sammy comes to visit you this summer you will be able to run your hand over his fuzzy head.

The more we share our memories, the more I find out how similar Sam and Josh really were. Sammy always used to stick the olives on his fingers when he was little. He would rap them on the table....then eat one at a time.

Corinne said...

Did Sam ever share the story with you about Josh and thumbs?