Miracle Butter

Some of you may remember that my cow, Butter Cupp, went down a while back. We never did find out what was wrong with her, but we suspect an injury of some sort. After lifting her with a hip lift and slowly nursing her back to health, she has been going strong every since. We were not even able to milk her for a few days because we could not get her up. She did not develop mastitis and has gone from almost nothing back to 3-4 gallons a day. She really is a miracle girl. Today, just topped everything. I had the vet out for a routine type visit and while he was here, I had him palpate Butter. I assumed that being short bred when she went down, that she probably lost the calf. However, the Vet confirmed today that she is about three months pregnant!
Also, my little heifer Nelly was confirmed pregnant and she is about four months along!
Time to start thinking of baby names!
(Picture of Butter and her BFF Dixie taken last summer.)


Corinne said...

OH!!!! I am so excited!

Diane said...

That's exciting and I'm so glad to hear that Butter is better! That's really a lovely picture.