Happy, Happy Birthday, Alissa!

I love you more than words can ever describe! You have brought such joy into my life and I am so blessed that God allowed me to be your mother! I am so proud of what a beautiful, precious, kind, hard working awesome young lady you have grown up to become!


PS There's no way you can be twenty years old! :-)

And thank you for the self portrait you left on my camera! :-)


Gypsie Lady said...

i love you so much mom ...you are so awsome. i am very lucky to have such an amazing mom who taught me how to work hard and always believed in me.

im also lucky you married the best man in the world so i have the best dad EVER.


Corinne said...

What a beautiful young lady with a beautiful Mom.

Alissa, did you get the curling iron stuck into the back of your head? ::::wink :::::

Love you both! xoxoxo :)