Home Again

We made it home with Dave, the miniature Jersey bull calf! He is such a cutie!

On the trip home we stopped by a berry farm and picked up two flats of blueberries and one flat of strawberries. While we were there, the employees took turns coming out to the truck to look at Dave. He
was quite popular every where we went. In fact, folks driving down the highway were pointing at him and talking about him! When we stopped to eat, the waitress told us that all the employees in the back were talking about Dave.

The animals were well taken care of while we were gone, but I can't say the same for the condition of the house! What a mess! It will take me a while to get things cleaned up and back in order.

We had a wonderful "Mini" vacation!

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Corinne said...

Welcome home!

Who was responsible for the house?