Our New Belted Bull Calf

This week has been such a shock and I have been so overwhelmed with everything. So much so that I have not posted of the birth of our newest baby. Tuesday morning, Cookie had a bull calf. He was sired by Peanut and looks very much like him in the face and in conformation. However, he is red and has a perfect belt. Cookie is half Dutch Belted, so this little guy is only a quarter Dutch Belted and 3/4 Jersey. We have decided to keep him intact as his Sire is such a handsome bull, his grand-dam is a gorgeous cow with a lovely udder and his dam has an udder that is out of this world and is a huge producer. We feel that he will make a quality bull for someone. He is 1/2 standard and 1/2 miniature but is defnitely on the larger side.


Diane said...

I'm glad you posted this cute little guy. Peanut sure did mark him well with that gorgeous head! So manly! I HOPE you are doing well this weekend. Know that you are thought of and prayed for.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are prayed for here too.

This is a cute guy. I would like to buy him from you. Please email me and let me know any details if you are interested in selling him to me.

Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

What a cutie!!! Congrats!!!
The circle of life continues in a beautiful way.