I Hate Shopping!

I usually have to go grocery shopping about once a month. If I shopped like I did when I lived in Alaska and bought in bulk, I would only have to shop once every six months. I liked it better that way.

Grocery shopping I tolerate because I have to. To shop for anything else.............well, I put it off as long as I possibly can. When I do go shopping, I shop like a man with a goal in mind. Get in the store and out of the store as fast as you possibly can!

For instance, recently for Mike's nieces wedding, I was asked to help serve. I knew I needed a dress that looked "current". I had not bought any clothes other than Carharts in about two years. So, in typical "man" fashion, I thought through the details of what I would be searching for. Then, I went into the mall on a mission walking a steady pace and charging in to the first clothing store I could find. A quick look around told me that nothing was jumping out at me. I did this in two other stores and then spotted a store with a dress on the wall. I quickly asked the sales clerk what size it was. She responded that it was a six. Perfect. I had her take it down, I tried it on, I paid for the dress and was out of the store in less than ten minutes!

We recently got new windows in our house and we took down the blinds that covered the old windows. I dislike blinds. I would rather have windows that are open and most of mine have only a valance at the top so that I can see the beautiful views. However, for some reason my husband insists that we need privacy for the bathrooms and bedrooms. So, I went today after church to look for curtains.

All I can say is I hate shopping. We looked at four different stores and I walked away with nothing.

Maybe I will just make my own curtains. Not a bad idea, but it means I have to go shop for material and I have to find the time to make them!

I think windows without curtains are wonderful. I think I will put this off as long as I possibly can!


Anandini dasi said...

do you have any old dresses you could make curtains from? Thrift stores and garage sales are my kind of shopping. More like treasure finding instead of the other unmentionable kind!

Diane said...


Jessika said...

I thought I was the only one that " shops like a man " LOL!