Frantic Pace

We have had a mild summer with temps that have been very tolerable up until yesterday! I don't know what the official temperature was, but it was hot and humid! It didn't help that I was canning tomato juice and that we don't have AC! Then, to end my day with a "bang", one of the jars of tomatoes burst in the canner. What a mess and what a waste of all that hard work! The other jars seemd to seal all right, thank goodness.

My days are starting earlier and I am going to bed later and it seems I just can't get everything done! I have this huge list of things in my head that need to happen but it seems I am spinning my wheels. I am out of sugar and dishwasher soap, so I guess the number one thing on my "To Do" list should be going to the store. However, my house is filled with men right now that are ripping out the doors and filling my house with flies and spreading saw dust everywhere! This is a job they started seven weeks ago and my house as been sitting in construction mode since that time. Evidently, they ordered the wrong sizes on the the doors and had to reorder. It will be nice when they are all finished.

I find myself wishing for the cooler days that are less stressful when the harvest is in and we can kick back a little bit. Those days will come soon enough and with them will come different challenges. So, I will be thankful for the busy summer days and be content with what life has to offer me today.

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Don't should on yourself! Sherry Wilson.