Dachshunds and their new bed

I bought the indoor dogs a new bed. Actually, I bought two new beds. I placed them on the floor and watched as Oscar curled up on one and Hunter and Zoie on the other. "How cute!", thought I! I came back about five minutes later to find that Zoie (the puppy) had chewed the zipper off one of the beds and chewed a hole in the other one! Bad puppy!

I had an old, heavy duty table cloth and I promptly sewed up a big "pillow case" and put both beds in it. So far so good. No more chewing on the beds and the dogs are enjoying their nice big "king size" bed!

In the pictures above you can see Oscar and Hunter enjoying their comforts and a picture of the little angel herself.................Zoie. You can also see the marks on the wall where the little angel has been chewing on it as well!

P.S. Oscar no longer wants to go outside. He would simply rather lie in bed all day. He already needs to lose weight!

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Anonymous said...

You have such a generous soul. I hope that you know this. You have given so much grace in your times of sorrow and shone bright for GOD'S glory and still you give. Your animals get your love and mercy. Thank you for the Thanksgiving post about loving friends we know even when they have lost loved ones.