The Story of the Bored Heifer

Once upon a time there was a big snowstorm that dumped 24 inches of snow at the Cupp's house in Staunton, Virginia. Twenty-four inches is a lot of snow for cows (and people) who are not use to it.

The cattle had been "holed up" for five whole days. Even though they had access to the pasture, they simply decided it was not worth the effort to break through the drifted snow. After all these cows all came from further south in Alabama and Georgia (except for Maya who is a Virginia cow). They simply were not use to such winter weather!

Finally, one day, a brave heifer decided that she had simply had enough and cabin fever was just too much! So, she bravely set out to take a walk to the end of the pasture.

She stopped, looked around and decided there was nothing to see and nothing to eat and she would just head back to the barn yard where Mike had pushed pushed the snow back with the tractor.

The End.


Lucky Lizard Ranch said...


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the bored heiffer story greatly Tammy! Meanwhile, here in Australia, Spot the Jersey, decided at 104 degrees, it really was just too plain hot to go out and graze. So being Christmas Eve, she decided to celebrate early, and let herself into the feed room and ate two biscuits of lucerne hay (alfafa) and a good, cow sized serving of dairy meal (cracked corn, etc). Having heartily enjoyed this feast, she is happily standing in the shade, whilst the lesser intelligent beef cattle are in the hot sun getting their breakfast.
The snow would be pretty deep to a mini jersey I would imagine!

Regina @VestPocketFamilyFarm said...

The bovine theory is that the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill. In this case, there is no grass at all. How funny!!

Theresa said...

Thank you. This story is too funny!

Meghan said...

I stumbled upon your blog, and have to say... Go, cow! As a Louisiana girl, 24 inches of snow scares me! But I wish Staunton would have gotten that much just once while I was at MBC!

Tammy Renee' Cupp said...

Spot sounds like a very smart girl! Yes, the snow was too deep for Princess to navigate. The heifer that did the galavanting was a standard size Jersey! ;-)

Hi Meghan! Thanks for stopping by!

Theresa, Liz and Regina....So glad you enjoyed my little tail (tale)! :-)