Vacation is Over

Mike and I had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my family in Georgia for the first time in four years. Thanks to some wonderful family members who took care of our house, our dogs, and our livestock, we were able to actually get away for five whole days! That is the first time in our marriage that we have been away from home for that long. Everyone was able to be there except for my baby sister who is teaching in South Korea. (We really missed having here there with the rest of the family!)

We left our farm the day after Thanksgiving with cattle trailer in tow. Mike braved 60+ mile an hour winds at least half the way down to Georgia. We took Cookie the Dutch Belted cow and her calf, Red Bull along with us. While in Georgia, we were able to meet Theresa Taylor and her lovely and wonderful family for a brief visit. They took Cookie and Red Bull back to Louisiana to live with them. Theresa has informed me that Cookie and Red Bull settled in nicely. I am so glad!

We also got to meet Damon Folmar and his two kids when they brought the two new heifers that I bought up from their home in Alabama. These two registered Jersey heifers will make a fine addition to our growing herd. They are beautiful girls with a great pedigree and bred to some awesome standard Jersey bulls. I am really excited about these heifers.

We also got to spend time with extended family and friends while we were away.

Besides some heavy traffic and some crazy drivers on I-81 on the way home, the trip home was uneventful.

The two new heifers are doing their best to adjust to life in Virginia. They were not familiar with free range chickens and were quite shocked when about 60 birds came running out of the chicken house this morning!

We enjoyed our trip and the time we got to spend with my family, but there's no place like home.


Elizabeth said...

ohhh, a shout out. i missed being there as well. ahhh, why did i not request to come AFTER thanksgiving? all i can think about now is stuffing...and rolls...and pumpkin pie...and uhh, i miss you guys too.

Tammy Renee' Cupp said...

Any chance you can be there next Thanksgiving?

Love you!