Chevre is French for "goat" and is also a generic term for cheese made from goats milk.

It will be a while before I have any goats milk so that I can try to make traditional Chevre, but I decided to get some practice in by making it from my Jersey milk. If I had realized how easy it is to make, I would have tried the recipe a lot sooner!


Heat two gallons milk to 86 degrees F.
Add 1/4 tsp. direct set Chevre starter.
Stir well to combine.

Cover and let set at room temp (Not less than 72 degrees) for 12 hours.

Line a colander with cheese cloth and pour curds into colander. Tie the corners of the cloth and hang curds to drain over the sink for 6 - 12 hours. A shorter draining time gives the chevre a spread type consistency. A longer draining time gives the cheese the consistency of cream cheese.

Chevre can be used in place of cream cheese or ricotta cheese in recipes.

Cheese yields 1 1/2 pounds and keeps for about 1 week in the refrigerator.

(Pictured: Soft Chevre made with Jersey milk. Use in place of sour cream or make a great spread for crackers using herbs of your choice. I really like mixing a few chives in and let set for 24-48 hours. Yummy!)

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