He Puts Up With My Crap

The proof of my dear husband's undying love lies not in the gorgeous engagement ring he bought me five years ago. Neither do flowers, dining out, or expensive gifts prove his devotion. The real proof is the extent to which he goes to put up with my crap!

Well, it's not actually "my" crap but since they are "my" cows, that means I also own the crap. I have been faithfully doing my part to "shovel" said crap every morning and evening so that the stalls are clean for the Jerseys. However, due to the weather and not being able to remove those "crap piles", we are now owners of small mountains of the stuff! (Ok, not so small mountains of the stuff!)

The chickens like to climb up the mountains and scratch around. The Corgi, Spencer, loves to climb them as well. (What dog doesn't like to be "top dog" and what dog doesn't like crap?) In fact, I don't think anyone is particularly concerned about these huge piles except for Mike and I.

In past years, we have had fewer bovines and thus less crap. In the summer, there is not really an issue because the cows are out grazing in the field and distributing their crap on the pastures and thus fertilizing the grass. We don't ever deny our girls access to the pasture, but they have just not been interested in going far from the shelters with the exceptionally hard winter that we have had. In the past, we really have had no need for a manure spreader except maybe twice a year. Mike would just borrow one from a farmer friend. This year, Mike decided that he was tired of putting up with my crap and was going to do something about it!

So, Monday, we became the proud owners of a used manure spreader. I told you my husband loves me! I mean how many husbands would let their wives continue to collect Jersey cows, put up with their crap (and mine too), AND go to the expense of buying such an expensive piece of equipment all in the name of love?

I know all you ladies are jealous! Sorry friends, he's taken! ;-)


Jessika said...

I am jealous! I would absolutely do a back flip for a manure spreader, and a man willing to spread all that CRAP!!!!!!

Scroungeman said...

It also takes a special lady to be excited about getting a manure spreader as a gift.....

WeldrBrat said...

Girlie... you're tempting me to push some buttons around our place. LOL