Cheese Spread

A while back I began experimenting with cheese spreads. At first, I used ricotta cheese but the spreads just did not have the exact flavor I wanted. I then began to make spreads using my non-rennet, naturally clabbered, raw milk cottage cheese. (Additional information here.) The cottage cheese gave the spreads the flavor that I was looking for but still did not have the texture I wanted. I then began running the cottage cheese curds through the food processor with enough mayo to make the spreads the right consistency for spreading on crackers.

My favorite is probably the jalapeno flavor. I simply take three or four jalapenos and process them until they are in tiny pieces. I then mix in my cheese curds, mayo, salt and pepper and process until the mixture looks easy to spread.

Another flavor I enjoy is the chives and garlic. I simply use fresh or dried chives to taste, garlic, salt and pepper to season.

The possibilities are endless............smokey flavors, seasoning salts, herbs and spices. For something different try a sweet dip to spread on fruit made with honey and cheese curds.

Experimenting with different flavors is the fun part of the whole process!

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