Childhood memories...............

"I'm sorry", I wrote "even though I really like you a lot and could otherwise see us having a long term relationship, I know that life will take you in one direction and me in another. You see, you live in the city and enjoy the city life. Me, I love the country and the rural life and that will never change. I plan to have a farm and livestock someday and our lives are just not going to be compatible."

Ok, that is not exactly what I wrote but an immature version of that letter was given to my "boyfriend" when I was around nine or ten years old. I can look back and laugh at my seriousness at such a young age and marvel at my ability to know exactly what I wanted even for one so young. Oh, if I had only stayed true to my heart and kept the wisdom of childhood rather than make some of the mistakes that I have made along the way!

Thank God for second chances and for the gift of being able to farm and have such a wonderful, supportive, loving farmer husband!

And the "boyfriend" from so many years ago...................he is happily married with two beautiful children. He has more education than I can even begin to comprehend and a fine job that suits him well. We remain friends. Life is good.

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WeldrBrat said...

Okay... it must be the moon - and the stars. Amazing! Because my head is almost in the same place. I put my television on the " Soundscapes " music channel - just so I could relax enough to reflect. Tomorrow's post should show a little of my accomplishment.