Emmy and the Guessing Game

We are going to have to start all over with the guessing game for Emmy's calf as I found out that the due date I had for her was incorrect. So, I now have a due date of March 25th and here are some pictures of her udder that I took today. You can resubmit your guesses if you would like, based on this new information!

I know to some of you who are not "cow folks", posting pictures of cow's udders and backsides looks really strange. However, this is how farmers are able to tell how close a cow is to calving. As she get's closer to calving her udder gets bigger, her teats fill up, her tail head begins to get loose and the pin bones begin to become prominent.

The winner of the guessing game will get their choice of a jar of sour cherry jam or a jar of garden salsa.

Good Luck!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

What a perfect little maiden udder she has!!