Splish, Splash, Splosh

Saturday I got a call from Mike telling me that a young man that comes to the farm from time to time had put three "orphaned" goose eggs under a broody hen and two of the eggs had hatched out. Knowing that the wild, free range, game cross hen would never be able to keep the fox from getting the babies, I asked Mike to bring them to me so that I could raise them. They presented the two little squeaking babies to me in a cardboard box. I did a quick search on the Internet and asked around as to how to raise goslings. I put them in my bathtub and gave them some water and feed and put a light on them to keep them warm.

Sunday morning, Mother's Day, Mike came back after taking care of things down at the "beef" farm and with him he had the third gosling that had hatched out sometime during the night. I named the three Splish, Splash and Splosh. Splash is the biggest and he likes to pick on the other two. I kept trying to tell him that he could not be mean to them but he just wouldn't listen. So, we got a box and put him in "time out". It was a plastic box and he could see the other two which made him even more angry that he could not get to them. The newest gosling was still pretty weak and I did not want Splash to be mean to her.

After several hours, I came back and put the three of them together. Splash was nice to Splish and Splosh at first but soon grew tired of that and started biting their feet and pulling at their fluff again. So, Splash went in time out again.

Finally, last night, I was able to let Splash in with Splish and Splosh and was happy to see them all huddled together under the light enjoying each other's company.

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