Ice Cream Update

As you know I got a new Cuisinart Ice cream maker and I have been making different flavors of ice cream every two to three days. What can I say? We love ice cream in the summer and we have plenty of creamy Jersey milk! It's just the perfect treat at the end of a long hot day.

Everything was going well with my new machine until the days started getting hotter and my kitchen began to maintain temperatures of 85 degrees or more in the summer heat. (We don't have air.) It was then I found that the bowl thawed too quickly and the ice cream was more like soup than being the texture it should be. Running the machine longer didn't help, of course, because the bowl continued to thaw the longer it ran.

I had several folks make suggestions and the one that finally seems to work is putting a towel over the machine as it churns. This seems to keep the cold in enough that the ice cream maker can make a decently chilled ice cream with a good texture.

Mike came home from the hay field the other day with enough wild raspberries to make a batch of ice cream! Boy was it yummy! We have had vanilla, pineapple, banana, peach, strawberry, chocolate, peanut butter, and mixed berry but the very best we have had so far was that wild raspberry!

Mike found a black cherry tree yesterday so guess what the flavor of the day is?

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Deb said...

Oh yummy! I wish we had wild raspberries around here. I remember we would go gather some when we were growing up, but they got to be less and less over the years. One of these years I really hope to buy some starts of black raspberries so we can have some here cause I LOVE them! :)