AnnaJoy Gorgeous

As promised here are the details on our newest little heifer.

Apple showed signs of calving Friday morning and I believed she would give birth within 24 hours but did not feel that the birth was imminent. I finished up the morning chores and went down to the farm to help out with the garden and produce. When I came back to the house early afternoon, Apple had put herself in the stable, had a long strand of blood tinged mucous, and was dripping colostrum from her teats. I knew it would not be long until she calved but having not eaten all day, decided I had enough time to grab a quick bite. I was so excited (and nervous) I could only swallow couple bites of potato salad. When I got back down to the stable, Apple was on the ground and pushing. The baby was 1/2 out and before I could turn my camera on, she was born. I ran over to her fearing that she was not breathing and brushed the afterbirth away from her face. She was fine and Momma Apple was up licking her. I was so afraid to look to find out if it was yet another bull calf so I first called Mike to tell him that the calf was on the ground. He asked me what sex it was and I told him to hold on while I looked. I remember closing me eyes as I lifted the calf's leg to see. I opened my eyes and began screaming with joy, "It's a heifer! It's a heifer! I got a girl!" A little later, I called Mike back and told him that I checked five times and it was still a girl and that it had not changed into a bull calf! Mike's dad came up the next day, winked, and told me that if I gave him $5 he would verify that it was a heifer calf.

This little girl will be registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association and Registry. Her dam is Avonlea Apple of Pine Creek. Her maternal grand-dam is Glenholme Just Waits AnnaLisa.

AnnaJoy was sired by means of AI and her sire is Rapid Bay Glasgow . Her paternal grand-dam is Vandenberg Amedeo Gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

I am so grateful you have heifer! I have not emailed you back because my email account wont send emails. Something about stmp protocol. Only refuses your email. Anyway, Cookie is doing great! She had a bull calf July 23. No belt, solid brown. Everyone here is doing great! I hope the rest of the year brings you continued joy!

Tammy Renee' Cupp said...

So good to hear from you! I am sorry that you are having email problems! Thanks for letting me know about Cookie. I am sorry you did not get a heifer. Is the calf small like Little Bull? How is Red Bull doing?

WeldrBrat said...

Congratulations, Hon! Excitement just reigns in every word of your post! So happy for y'all! I know this was a huge goal! Enjoy every moment! Keep us updated with photos!

Amy Lagerquist said...

Congratulations! She's adorable! I can totally relate to the check-check-double-check of a calf's sex. I forgot to check this year's first calf (a bull), and then confused myself with the teats on our second (bull) calf 5 minutes after birth and had to wait until the next day to recheck! Duh!

Deb said...

Congrats!! Glad you had a girl, I would have liked one, but it didn't really matter with us cause we knew our Jersey wasn't bred to a Jersey when we got her...it would be nice if our next one was a girl though, but I won't hold my breath. :)