Miscellaneous Monday ~Poor Spencer

What an exciting evening we had Saturday! Things were going along smoothly when the cat decided to tempt the dogs with her "come and get me" meow. Spencer (Corgi) can resist when alone. When there is a Dachshund around, it's a whole different story! Dachshunds are in the hound family and can't resist the lure of a great hunt. What could be a better hunt than chasing a barn cat?

We milk in an old box trailer that we have converted into a "redneck" milking parlor. One side of the trailer has a small crawl space but the other side sits right on the ground. (Nothing will ever sit level on a Virginia hillside!) The cat lured the dogs underneath the trailer where the dogs couldn't reach her when she got up into the front corner. The noise was deafening while I was trying to milk. Honestly, if you have never heard a Dachshund focused on their prey, then you don't know what you are missing. (And, you don't want to know!) For a while, I could hear the piercing screams of the Dachshund, the lower bark of the Corgi and the tempting "Meow" of the cat. No amount of stern admonishing would get the dog's attention. Finally, I no longer heard the sound of the cat and there were no more barks from the Corgi. The Doxie would be flucuate between piercing "screams" and silence. (Dachshunds are stubborn when focused on their prey!) Finally when the milking was completed, Oscar was coaxed out. However, Spencer would not budge. Turns out, there was a reason my little Corgi (who is usually so eager to please) was not coming out.

Spencer was stuck!

Too narrow of a space for us to crawl under, we had no choice but to have Mike dig Spencer out. What a relieved and happy dog Spencer was when he was once again free! He had spent a total of nearly 1.5 hours underneath that trailer and was quite exhausted from his ordeal. I am hoping he has learned his lesson and won't try that again!

As for Oscar.............Well, he is famous for getting all the other dogs in trouble and walking away without a care in the world. And Miss Kitty? I'm sure she was watching safely from a distance and laughing at the whole scene!

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Deb said...

LOL I agree, Doxie's can't resist hunting. Our little Peaches is learning about it already from Autumn. :) Cute story, glad they are ok and you got your fur baby out...even if it did take a lot of work. :)