First Day of Autumn And The Last Calf Of The Year

The first day of autumn brought us somewhat of a surprise.  Although we knew that Midnight was due to calve in either September or October, her udder and ligaments did not give us any indication that the birth would be soon.  What a suprise when I noticed her standing in the field with her calf who was already nursing.  When he finished nursing, he began running circles around his momma.  He is a cute little guy that I named "Mutt" due to his being  1/4 Angus  1/4 Hostein and 1/2 Mini Jersey. 

We had three different bulls represented in our calves this year.  One bull calf was sired by our Angus bull and one heifer was sired by the registered, standard bull Braveheart.  Out of the eight calves sired by my Mini Jersey bull, Davie, three were heifers and five were bulls giving us a total of four heifers and six bull calves this year.  Not a bad year. 

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