Princess' Second Pregnancy

Princess should be my first cow to calve this spring and her udder is starting to fill in.  She is due March the 8th.  Last year when she gave us a bull calf, she was completely miserable for the last four weeks of her pregnancy and carried the baby differently than she is carrying this calf.  Perhaps it is another bull calf only smaller this year or just maybe she will give us an  heifer!  (Once can always dream, right?)

Princess was the first heifer born here to our dairy herd after a run of six bulls in a row.  She has always been completely spoiled and doesn't realize that she is not at least part human.  I have plans to let her retire right here on the farm when she is too old to produce babies anymore.  She is registered as a Foundation Pure Miniature and is 40 inches tall. 


WeldrBrat said...

I would be wringing my hands! I can only imagine how crazy this is gonna drive you for the next few weeks!!

The Cupp Family Farm said...

I am trying to be patient! :-) It's not easy but then I think abou the additional work and I am willing to wait a bit longer! :-)