Baby Dachshunds On the Way

I didn't want to post until I was sure but now there is no doubt. Hope and Hunter are expecting a litter of puppies this month. I had originally planned on giving Hope a break and not breeding her this time around. However, Hope came into heat right after Josh's death and I was not in a position to seperate the two dogs at the time, so we will have pups. Hope is doing very well. She is healthy and bouncy.

I have posted pictures of some of her former litters so you can see how cute they are! I will start a waiting list, so anyone interested in purchasing a puppy, just let me know! I have requested pictures from owners of her past litters. Hopefully I will have some to post here soon.

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Corinne said...

They are so cute!!!! My dad had a Dachshund for years, Dixie.... he loved that dog so much! Unfortunately, the dog didn't like kids... he bit Sammy in the face once when he was a little fella.