Project Guatemala

A mother and her children at Hope of Life feeding center near Zacapa, Guatemala.

Having been able to reach the goals of providing a deep water well to provide clean water for the village of Manzanotal in 2011 and money for cleft palate surgeries for Rosie in 2012 due to the generous support of so many, I don't feel that we can stop there.  After recently returning from my second trip to Guatemala, my heart burns with a desire to help these people further and I know that funding projects will become a life long venture for me.  I hope that others will share the passion to help the beautiful people of Guatemala and join me in these projects.  With or without the support of others, I will push forward to do what I can do.  In keeping with these broader  and long term goals, I have changed the name of my other blog to Joshua's Well & Project Guatemala.  Please join me on that blog where I will attempt to post a photo a day to share information about the people I came in contact with while visiting Guatemala.  I hope to share not only the needs but also the stories of success, life and hope. 

Helping does not necessarily mean that one has to provide money for projects.  There are many ways to help.  The most helpful act of all is to pray.  Maybe a photo will touch your heart and you will feel drawn to a particular baby, child, or adult.  Maybe an elderly person's photo will grab your heart.  You may not know their name, but you can pray for them just the same by thinking of them and asking God to somehow intervene in their lives.  You can also help by sharing the information that is presented on the blog and directing others to the site.  As we network, there are people who want to help but just need to know of the needs.  You never know what might happen when you share with a friend who shares with another.  Raising awareness is as important as actually donating money.  In addition to the revamped blog site, I have also changed my Rosie FaceBook page to make it Project Guatemala so that I can continue to share projects over time.  Please like this page and share it with your FaceBook friends!  Facebook can be a valuable tool for sharing information and reaching well beyond your scope of friends as people share the stories, photos and needs.    Keeping the people of Guatemala in your heart, thoughts and prayers and sharing the needs with others as well as donating to specific projects if you feel led and have the means are ways that we can make a difference in the lives of others. 

Thanks to all who have already made a difference. 

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