Baby Turkeys!

Six Calico Turkey poults were hatched out by a broody, buff Orpington hen between last night and this afternoon:

A very willing surrogate mother.

Two poults peeking out with a third one under momma.

This little one decided it was getting too crowded under there when there were four!

Look carefully and you will see six!


No Kidding!

No Kidding!  The 2012 kidding season is over and we have seven beautiful baby goats!  Five of these babies have been sold (upon weaning), one will be retained and I have one buckling still available for sale as a buck or a wether.  It was an uneventful kidding season, thank God.  All the kids were born while I was away in Georgia. 



We have babies!  While I was away in Georgia with my grandfather, two of my goats had their kids.  My husband was here to check on them and all went well with both births.  Moonbeam, my fourth generation Miniature Nubian had triplets again this year.  (This is her second freshening.)  She is doing great with them and allowing all three to nurse.  Nutmeg is my unregistered Nubian x (possibly) Alpine that was bred to a Miniature Nubian buck and she had twins again this year.  The buckling got all the color of course! 

I will be posting more details in the "Animals for Sale" section of my blog soon!  (In the mean time, feel free to email me if you have specific questions and are interested in purchasing any of the goats.)

Things are just a bit hectic around here right now.  I just returned from my trip to Georgia where my grandfather remains hospitalized but will be sent home tomorrow morning under the care of hospice.  His days are short now and I will be returning to Georgia probably by the first of the week.

I have one more doe that is due to kid any day now and she looks as big as a barn!  Last year she had triplets, so we shall see what this year holds for us with her kids.  (She also rejected one kid last year.)

The goat kids were wonderful therapy for me when I returned from Georgia and brought smiles to my face with their total cuteness and playful antics.   

Fourth Generation Miniature Nubian Buckling can be sold as a buck or a wether. 
Fourth Generation Miniature Nubian Doelings for sale when weaned (Roan). One with blue eyes. 
Nubian x Mini Nubian unregistered buckling for sale when weaned.  (Possibly a small amount of Alpine in the genetics as well) Dam is my best milker. 
Nubian x Mini Nubian Doeling and Buckling unregistered.  At this time I believe I will retain the doeling for my herd as her dam is my best milker. 

Blue Eyed Doeling has been sold, pending deposit.

Colorful, spotted buckling has been sold, pending deposit.