The Stow Away

A friend of ours dropped his trailer at the family farm, a little over a mile from our house.  He and Mike both left the farm and went about their business.  Later, Mike came back to find the big farm collie, JJ,  barking at the trailer.  Mike kept telling JJ the trailer was empty, but JJ just would not stop barking.  Mike then decided that he would open the trailer to prove his point.  What a surprise when he opened the doors!  There inside sat Spencer, our Corgi!  He had been in the trailer for about four or five hours by that time.  Mike gathered him up and Spencer got to ride in the cab of the truck on the way home.

Evidently, when Mike and his friend Al had been at our house with the cattle trailer door open, Spencer had gone inside.  They had shut up the trailer without realizing it contained a stow away.  We are just thankful that Mike came along and let Spencer out when he did, because that trailer was headed to Roanoke (an hour and forty five minutes away) and eventually on to South Carolina.  It's possible the trailer might not have been opened for days, or opened in a strange place where Spencer might have been frightened and bolted. It's possible we could have lost him. Interestingly enough, Spencer never barked or made a sound to indicate that he was inside the trailer.  It suddenly became very clear how easy it would be for a dog to end up across the country!