Vintage Glass

I am a lover of functional, mid century glass.  I will admit that it has become an addiction:  the colors, shapes, history and functionality of the mid century glass is so appealing to me.  I like to think I am pretty wise with my purchases.  We go to estate sales, auctions, thrift stores, and yard sales where I can purchase pieces reasonably.  I don't care what the pattern or color or brand.  Pyrex, Fire King, Fiesta......I love them all.  

I use all my pieces.  I don't want glassware that I can't use and enjoy.  Call me silly but I find using these vintage pieces comforting.  


Deborah said...

I love the old glassware! It's SO much better than plastic in SO many ways!

T. Cupp said...

Deborah, it sure is! I try to use as little plastic as possible.

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