"Better Than Bisquick" Mix ~ Basic Baking Mix Made with Coconut Oil or Lard

When I lived in Alaska, I came across this recipe for "Homemade Bisquick" At that time, with two young kids at home and a hectic schedule of homeschooling plus working three part time jobs, I would make up huge batches of the mix and store it so that I could make quick meals.  The recipe is actually called "Missouri Mix" and came from the county extension office of Jefferson County, the county in Missouri where I spent the first 18 years of my life.  I modified the mix recently by using coconut oil instead of shortening or lard, and also by leaving out the powdered milk.  I like to be able to use my own, raw milk with the mix but if you prefer to just add water, be sure to add the powdered milk to your mix.  With the powdered milk included, the mix is great to take along on camping trips and lends itself to campfire cooking very well.

I made this mix up as a gift for our son in law who loves to make breakfast with the twins on his day off from work.  I included recipe cards, bacon, butter, maple syrup, fruit syrups, special coffees and hot chocolate in the gift box.  It seemed to be a big hit and he sent me a picture of the breakfast he prepared using the mix. 

There are just so many things you can do to make this work for you!  Enjoy!

Basic Mix

9 Cups All Purpose Flour
1/2 Cup Double Acting Baking Powder
4 teaspoons of salt
1 3/4 Cup of Coconut Oil or 1 1/2 Cups Lard

Stir baking powder dry milk and salt into the sifted flour.  Sift all dry ingredients together until well mixed. 

Cut fat into flour mixture until all particles of fat ate thoroughly coated and mixture resembles coarse cornmeal.

(I actually melted the coconut oil and then mixed it into the dry mix)

Yields 13 Cups of Mix
Store in tightly covered container

Note:  Because of the high fat content, the homemade mix usually gives a more tender product than commercial mixes.

You can include 1 Cup plus 2 Tablespoons of nonfat milk solids (Powdered Milk) in your mix and where the recipe calls for milk, use water instead.  


2 Cups Mix
1/2 Cup Milk

Add liquid to mix and stir 20 to 25 times.  Turn onto lightly floured board and knead about 15 times.  Roll to 1/2 inch thickness.  Cut using a flour biscuit cutter or cut into squares using a floured knife.  Place on ungreased baking sheet.  Bake in hot oven (425 degrees) for 10 minutes. 

Yields 12-14 biscuits.  


2 Cups Mix
4 teaspoons sugar
1 egg
2/3 Cups Milk

Stir sugar into mix   Beat egg and add to liquid.  Add liquids to dry ingredients.  Stir about 25 strokes or just enough to blend.  Bake in well greased muffin pans in hot oven (400 degrees F) for about 20 minutes.  

Yields 12 Medium Muffins. 

Variations for Muffins:

Apple:  Add 3/4 Cup  finely chopped, peeled apples, 1/16th teaspoon of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg to mix.

Banana:  Add 1/2 cup of mashed banana and 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg.  Reduce liquid to 1/2 cup.

Cheese:  Add 2/3 cup of grated cheese to mix.

Blueberry:  Add 1/2 cup blueberries to batter.

Nut:  Add 1/4 to 1/2 Cup chopped nuts to mix

Orange:  Substitute Orange Juice for liquid.  Add 1 teaspoon of grated orange peel. Add two teaspoons of sugar.  Nuts may be added.

Pineapple Muffins:  Use pineapple juice for the liquid.  Add 1/4 cup crushed pineapple.  Reduce Sugar to two teaspoons.

Raisin Muffins:  Add 1/2 cup raisins to batter.

Griddle Cakes and Waffles

2 Cups Mix
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 egg
1 cup of milk

Add sugar to mix.  Beat egg slightly and combine with milk  Add liquid to dry ingredients and stir about 25 strokes.  (Batter will not be smooth)  Bake cakes on pre heated griddle.  Turn when bubbles appear on the surface of the griddle cakes.  This recipe may be used for waffles.  More liquid may e added for thinner batter.  Yield about 16 four inch cakes or 4 small waffles.  


Blueberry:  Add 1/2 Cup of blueberries to batter.  

Cornmeal:  Substitute 1/2 Cup Cornmeal for 1/2 Cup of mix

Peach Cobbler

1/2 Cup Peach juice
2 Tablespoons of Sugar
2 Tablespoons of Mix
1/8 teaspoon of salt
2 1/2 cups fresh or frozen peaches or drained canned peaches
1 Tablespoon of butter

Combine peach juice, sugar, mix, and salt.  Pour into glass baking dish.  Add peaches and dot with butter.  


1 cup Mix
2 Tablespoons of Sugar
1 Egg beaten
2 Tablespoons of Peach juice

Add 1 Tablespoon of sugar to Mix.  Combine peach juice and egg and stir into dry ingredients.  Mix thoroughly and spread over peaches in baking dish.  Sprinkle remaining 1 Tablespoon of sugar over top of dough.  Bake in moderate oven (350 degrees F) for about 30 minutes.  

Yields 6 - 8 servings.

Get adventurous with the Mix and see where you can use it in other recipes and let me know how it works for you!  Try it with whole wheat flour or with a mix of whole wheat and white for a healthier choice for making breads and pancakes.  

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