I love my Husband!

Only God could have given me the perfect match of a husband! I am just amazed at his love, patience and devotion to me.

There is no other man on this earth who would possibly put up with my obssession with my animals and do all that he does to support me in my endeavors.

Tonight, my dear husband, built me a fence for my goats. By the time he was finished, it was too late to actually try it out, but we will do so tomorrow. Goats are known to escape most any type of fencing, so I am hoping that this will work.

Goats have got to be the funniest creatures God ever created! Boy do they make me laugh. My goats are young and I did not know enough when I bought them to make sure that I was getting bottle raised doelings. So, I have one goat that happens to be very friendly, but the other is the most frightened little thing you have ever seen! I had to catch her and put a new collar on her. (I can't find her other one. Do you suppose she ate it bell and all?) She "screams" when someone grabs her and she sticks her tongue out when she screams. It is the funniest thing. I was laughing so hard, I could hardly get the collar on her. Then, S'Mores, the tame goat walked nicely on a leash but Moonbeam proceeded to try to throw her neck out of joint by jerking in the opposite direction. I figured it was easier just to carry her. Mike thought it was too much for me to carry her, so he came to relieve me. I laughed again because here she was being carried with legs flopping out in front of her, her tongue sticking out and screaming at the top of her lungs. If you have never heard a Nubian, they sound just like a human baby!

We temporarily put them in the dog's pen and boy did they have fun in there. They were able to reach some of the pears on the tree and Mike, who is very stingy with his pears, about had a fit! They were jumping up and down the steps going into Sadie and Spencer's dog house and peeking through the windows. Once again, I was lauging so hard at them. (The dog's house is actually a child's playhouse.)

When we finally got them back in their shelter for the night, they were not too happy because it has been relocated. They let us know by crying for quite a bit before they finally settled down.

We shall see how they do in their new surroundings with their new fence tomorrow. Perhaps, I can even get some pictures!


Laura said...

Wow! I feel the exact same about my husband! Isn't God so AWESOME!!
I am so glad you had a good laugh!
Nubians must sound just like Nigerian Dwarf goats..lol! Like a baby crying!
Laura Ann

Corinne said...

Too funny! I would have loved to see a picture of the goats peeking out the windows. :)