Friday's Featured Farmer ~ A Guest Post from Tammy Marr at SpiritGrove Farm

Photo Courtesy of SpiritGrove Farm

Back in 2011, we began a well received series on the blog entitled "Friday's Featured Farmer" in which farmers and homesteaders could submit an article of interest to our readers.  Primarily these were autobiographical pieces telling about their lives and their personal, agricultural experiences.  I thought it would be fun to see if anyone wanted to participate in a revival of that series.  We broadened the subject matter to include informational articles of interest as well and offered space here to our readers to share what was on their mind.  I had a good number of folks interested, but this is a busy time of year for so many with spring around the corner and new babies already hitting the ground as well as so many making preparations or already starting to plant their gardens, which means while there has been a lot of interest, it has been understandably difficult for folks to follow through. 

Tammy Marr at SpiritGrove Farm in South Carolina was the first to take the time to write a guest post and I couldn't be more pleased with her subject matter and presentation.  We decided it would be easiest for both of us to simply link to SpiritGrove Farm's blog from here and let you read Tammy's excellent, well researched article directly from her blog.

On a side note, SpiritGrove Farm has bought a number of Jersey and Jersey cross cattle from our farm in the past, and we have had frequent contact and interactions over the years including time spent at each other's farms.  I can without hesitation say that any animal purchased from Tammy Marr has had the best care possible, has been treated humanely, raised responsibly and loved.  In addition, if you are a fan of our Jerseys at T Cupp Miniatures and the Cupp Family Farm, you will be happy to know that a number of the Jerseys at SpiritGrove Farm are from our blood lines.

Please take the time to read Tammy Marr's article THE CASE FOR CROSS BRED DUAL PURPOSE COWS and then follow along on her Facebook Page to learn more about SpiritGrove Farm.

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For those interested in submitting an article or an autobiographical piece for consideration on our blog, please read Friday's Featured Farmer Series Revived for additional information.  We would love to feature your farm or homestead here as well.  

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