Sugar Calved!

Without repeating the story of Sugar ( you can read the post, I Am A Gambler, at this link), let me just say that it was a joy and a blessing to welcome her new little bull calf into the world yesterday.  He was sired by an Angus bull and is quite a big boy.  He has a white tip on his tail, a white spot on his belly and a white ring around one ankle paying tribute to the tiny bit of Dutch Belted blood in his pedigree. 

We milked Sugar by hand yesterday evening and she did very well coming into the stanchion.  She never hesitated.  She is a great mother, seems very relaxed, has been very calm around us and other than kicking a bit while being milked, seems to be doing great.  It's great when stories have a happy ending and for Sugar, and for us, this is just the beginning instead of what could have very well been the end for her.  I am glad we gave her a chance.  I am glad I followed my gut. 

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Deb said...

congrats on your new little one!! :)