Although we are not wealthy by any means by American standards, we are blessed to have healthy food on the table, a comfortable home in which we live, and many comforts to which others do not have access.  Having gone through some financially desperate times before meeting Mike and watching her own children struggle living under the poverty level, Tammy has a heart for children who are hungry and hurting not only locally but also in places around the world.  In many parts of the world such basic necessities as food and clean water are not readily available and this leaves parents desperately trying to keep their children from dying of disease, parasites and malnutrition.  The following are a list of charities that we have supported and we list these in hopes that others might give some thought into supporting them as well:

World Help

Back Pack Buddies (providing food for local children in the public school who might otherwise not have enough to eat over the weekend)

Local Food Bank

Operation Christmas Child

Church of the Brethren Disaster Relief

White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue

The Big Give ~ Augusta County

Hope of Life 

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue

Monday Journals

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