In addition to the farm blog, which is the only blog that has withstood the test of time with a decade of entries, Tammy has experimented with starting other blogs at various times.  Tammy's is passionate about writing but has found that family, farming and the farm blog take up most of her time which means the other blogs have fallen by the wayside.  In the future, any entries, regardless of content, will be included in the farm blog.  A friend once remarked that she would rather see all the entries in one place, regardless of subject matter, because it created a bigger picture and allowed her to see exactly who we are and to know us more intimately.  Offered here are links to some of Tammy's writing ranging from a fun blog written for children to a very personal and raw account of the first stages of her grief journey after her son's tragic death.

Junior Farm Friends

A Cup of Tea

Seasonal Reflections

My Journey Through Grief

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