Cowgirl or Milkmaid?

The romantic side of me wants to believe that I am a cowgirl. The image associated with a cowgirl is a strong woman basking in the freedom of the open range with the wind in her face and the sun shining down upon her. However, I think the reality of the situation is that I am a Milkmaid. That image conjures up a woman who is a slave to her cows. While I do have to schedule my life around morning and evening milking, being a slave to my cows is not a bad thing in my book! I love all cows, but I especially love the Jersey!

This picture is of my Miniature Jersey Cow, Mayfield. She is registered with the American Miniature Jersey Association. Her parents were foundations cow owned by Fonnie Thoman of Riverview Farms in Ohio. Fonnie owns the largest herd of Miniature Jerseys in the United States. Mayfield is now nine years old. She has the sweetest disposition and is a lovely cow.

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